Manchester from the Air

Manchester is the world’s first industrialised city and, today, the regional centre for commerce, sport and the arts and this book of aerial photography offers a unique insight into the city, capturing both historical development and the architectural environment from a unique perspective.

Jonathan Webb of Webb Aviation Aerial Photography has spent four years assembling a large collection of hundreds of aerial photographs of Manchester and Salford. From this collection, over 100 images have been chosen for the book to show some of the most interesting views of the city and its buildings.

Having been born and lived in Greater Manchester all his life, Jonathan has been able to draw on his local knowledge to provide sometimes surprising information in the accompanying text. The book is hardback with 167 pages.


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By Jonathan CK Webb, published by Breedon Books


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ISBN 978-1-85983-557-9


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The book contains over 100 images of Manchester and Salford including the following:



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