Liverpool from the Air

Founded in 1207 Liverpool has a long and interesting post. In the nineteenth century the city became the "second Port of the Empire" and one of the worlds busiest ports. The mid twentieth century saw a period of decline but by the end of the century the city is back on the up and my images capture something of the rebirth of the city while still paying homage to the cities historical past.

Liverpool is incorporated within the Metropolitan County of Merseyside from which I have selected a variety of subjects from the beauty and tranquility of Hilbre Island to the historically important docks at Birkenhead.

The book is harback with 168 pages.

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liverpool from the air

Liverpool from the Air

By Jonathan CK Webb, published by Breedon Books

ISBN 978-1-85983-589-0



ISBN 978-1-85983-557-9




The book contains over 100 images of Liverpool including the following:



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