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Birmingham is a city packed with stories to tell, with architecture from the medieval to the twenty first century and with 2000 years of recorded history covering invasions by Romans, Saxons and Normans. Each have left their legacy from the Roman Fort to the Saxon street and place names which are still in use to this day.

Birmingham was the birth place of the industrial revolution with the Soho Manufactury leading the way for mass production and Cadbury's at Bournville showing how world beating production could be combined with a pleasant environment. I have included all the most important subjects you would expect such as the Council House, Beetham Tower, BT Tower etc but also some of the less well known gems such as Selly Manor and the Saracens Head. I have also included a few surprises such as the St Patricks Day Parade and even the Bronze Bull in the Bullring.

For the photography I have used the very latest Canon 1DS mkIII camera which I have mounted on a gyro stabilizer. The Gyro contains two titanium discs which spin at 20,000 rpm thus holding the unit steady, even when the aircraft is moving. When coupled with image stabilized super long lenses this allows close up aerial photography with a resolution the city has not seen before.

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birmingham from
                    the air

Birmingham from the Air

By Jonathan CK Webb, published by Breedon Books

Hardback ISBN: 978-1-85983-683-5

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The book contains over 130 images of Birmingham including the following:

spiral cafe
                  head weoley castle aerial photograph fort dunlop
aston villa birmingham citzs st andrews ground aerial photo alexander stadium birmingham edgbaston county ground aerial
birmingham wheel st pauls
                  church Hall Green Greyhound Track birmingham
                  council house
longbridge selly manor Newman Universitz College victoria law courts birmingham
                  hall bournville aerial photo handsworth technical college acocks green
                  from the air
chamberlain memorial catacombs Kings
                  Heath park
hollowaz circus tower
harborne aerial photograph




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